Class Information

What to bring with you

A plain flat collar and easy to hold lead, but not an extending, elasticated or flexi lead.

A mat, bed or rug for your dog to settle on.

Any training aids that you use normally, i.e. Halti, gentle leader, harness etc

Small treats and toys, we recommend using a “high value” snack, rather than the food your dog normally eats.

Vaccination certificate (only needed once)

Poo bags (just in case)

What to expect in class

We use reward training methods, and believe that part of being successful dog owner is knowing which reward your pet best responds to.

Rewards vary depending on dog and owner, rewards can include play, food, gentle pat, and verbal praise.

Exercises are broken down into easy to manage sections so owners and their dogs can progress at their own pace,

as we believe that just as we all have individual skills, so do our dogs.

We set your dogs up to succeed, and encourage strengths and build on them. We recognise and reward good behaviours, whilst identifying and avoiding the bad ones.

We always look to life skills to help your dog enjoy more of what life has in store for him.